Quotes I recommend Don's class to everyone that ever mentions taking a CCW Class. He is very knowledgeable about the laws and keeps the class interesting the entire 12 hours. I, and many others I have talked with, have all agreed that once they completed Don's class we felt 100 times more educated on guns and gun laws and left the class with a feeling of accomplishment and self confidence. I will keep on referring people to him for the CCW class and everyone I have referred has also referred anyone they know to take his class also. All these testimonies speak for themselves and Don should be proud of what he has done for everyone, keep up the EXCELLENT work Don! Quotes
Tim Keegan
Very Satisfied Consumer

Quotes I completed the CCW course offered by Excel Defense and came away very confident that I had chosen the right instructors. The classroom instruction was extremely thorough and highly informative. Our time on the range was well spent not only for qualifying but also for getting to learn a few drills and defensive shooting tactics directly from Don and Melissa based on their training and experience as law enforcement officers. All around a great course, thanks Excel Defense! Quotes
David Otte
Highly Recommended!

Quotes My girlfriend and I both attended your Ohio CCW class on May 18th, 2013 and were both very impressed with the class and your teaching style. I do intend to sing up for more of your handgun classes in the future. Thank you for the very good class. Quotes
Excellent Course

Quotes Just finished my concealed carry class with Don today, and I couldn't be happier. Don as an instructor was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and actually enjoys answering any questions one might have. I thoroughly enjoyed my class today, and would highly recommend it to anyone. Even if Don is kinda a "Glock geek". But hey, nobody's perfect. :) Quotes
Aaron Berger
Sastified Patriot

Quotes I attended your class this weekend. It was very informative, and I recommend it to everyone! Quotes
Billie C. Smith

Quotes Great class! Lots of hands-on experience! Don kept it interesting...not once in 12 hrs. did I get bored. Educational and fun. I highly recommend Excel Defense's CCW classes! Quotes
Sue Sorg

Quotes I spent time on the range with Don. Very professional. Anyone experienced or not can learn something from Don. Excellent instructor. Quotes
Bill Spears
CCW Holder

Quotes I took the CCW course and I enjoyed it very much. The material was very clear and Don did a great job making it interesting. I came away with a better sense of understanding. I recommend it to everyone! Quotes
Angie Snell

Quotes I took Don's first CCW class in November. I never would have thought that was his first time teaching the class. He made the information easy for me to understand and I felt very comfortable. I am looking forward some pistol training classes with Don in the future. Job well done Don!! Quotes

Quotes I was in Don's very first class and you would of thought he was teaching this class his whole life. Very well prepaired with his materials and information. P.S Thanks for the taze Don Quotes
Rick Liwaj
Very Pleased

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