Quotes don is very passionate about giving you all the knowledge and answers you will need no matter how long you have been shooting , I will gaurentee that you will go away with more knowledge than you had before taking his course , Quotes
stephen lafountain
impressed customer

Quotes My husband and I attended one of Don's CCW classes and can say we were both impressed and pleased with the amount of knowledge we left with. If you are looking into taking a CCW class I would highly recommend Don. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows in his teachings. Quotes
Matt and Tammy Metzker
Satisfied and Pleased

Quotes I took your course at the recommendation of personnel at the Sheriff's Department. I couldn't be more pleased! Price is right - Course material was presented professionally in a very easy to understand fashion. I walk away from your course confident in my abilities. Your methods made learning fun. THANKS! Quotes
Jonathan Lytle
Owner - JL SharpShop

Quotes I took Don's class and was extremely impressed with his knowledge and skills. Definitely the cheapest CCW class around and you get more than your money's worth. I am in the military and I was impressed with his professionalism and skill level. Quotes
Impressed Military

Quotes I first want to say thank you to Don Mason for being very professional and knowledgeable about CCW, and the gun laws. I will highly recommend anyone who is thinking about getting their CCW lic. to take the course from Don Mason. You will not find anyone that knows more about guns then he. So thank you again Don for the class. Quotes
James Justice
Very satisfied Costomer

Quotes Unfortunately, I continued to procrastinate in searching for a CHL Course. Fortunately, through word of mouth I was made aware of your course and finally signed up. I found your presentation to be educational as well as enjoyable. You brought a lot to the table and to the firing range. A person would be hard pressed to find such a quality instructor and program at such a great price. I will certainly be informing people of your website and your programs. Quotes
Ralph Shearn Jr
CHL Course

Quotes Don & Melissa are wonderful. Their passion is evident. They are so thorough with information. I recommend taking their course. I am so glad that my husband & I took the course. Quotes
Lori Bollinger
Very satisfied customer

Quotes I took this class and learned great deal from Don. I had previously taken another class in a different state, the other class didn't come come close to teaching what Don teaches. I passed this class, and feel very confident now with my weapon and my abilities. I also followed Dons advise on where to go to get my actual permit and was in and out in less than 15 minutes! Thank you Don! Quotes
Cheryl Cover
Very Satisfied Customer!

Quotes My wife and I set up a ccw class with Don Mason and I have to say, I was very impressed with the class. Don not only went over required information but also non-required information. He was more than willing to give each person the time they needed to help answer questions or even help them with shooting. Gave tips and even showed us possible and relevant shooting situations. If you want a just get me my certificate class then maybe someone else would be better for you, but if you really want to learn something then Don is the man for you! Quotes
Adam Faggionato
Great instruction

Quotes I just took the class , Don made it easy to understand the laws . Told me what I was doing wrong on the range and helped me do it right . Walked away felling I can now protect myself and loved ones..Asking myself why I waited so long to do it !! Quotes
Paula Mathias
Happy I did it !!

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